ESG Matters: Why The Board Needs To Be Involved

The abbreviation ESG can be deciphered as “environment, social policy, and corporate governance.” In a broad sense, this is the sustainable development of commercial activities, which is based on the following principles: Responsible attitude to the environment (E – environment). High social responsibility (S – social). High quality of corporate governance (G – government). In … Continue reading “ESG Matters: Why The Board Needs To Be Involved”

Private Boards vs. Public Boards: What's the Difference?

Public administration, like business administration, is concerned with how an organization should be set up and run to do its job effectively. Below are the main differences between public and private management on six grounds: conditions, goals, resources, performance measurement, motives, and responsibility. Conditions Public administration is characterized by a unique style of relations with … Continue reading “Private Boards vs. Public Boards: What's the Difference?”